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Kelli Wilkins

Dear Slater Students and Parents,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school.  I am honored to have joined the team in the Spring of 2014, and I look forward to beginning a new school year with all of you.  Our goal is to develop a tradition of academic excellence and high behavioral expectations.  Whether you are new to Slater, or a returning family, we are happy that you have joined us.  We have outstanding students and an exceptional staff.  In the spring of 2015, Slater Elementary was designated as one of 30 Designated Schools in Fresno Unified.  This means that our school is able to offer a longer school day for students and more time for our staff to plan and prepare and education that meets the needs of all our students.  You have made the right choice for your child’s education.

It is our goal at Slater Elementary to provide rigorous, quality instruction, while maintaining a safe and caring environment for every student.  In order to achieve this goal, our staff maintains high expectations and standards for our students in academics, work ethic and behavior.  Our staff is dedicated to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES  to ensure that every student is successful.  With this goal in mind, please keep in mind that we believe that parents and supporters of our school are vital to our success.  Together we will make this a wonderful year for our students.  Please be active in making a difference in your child’s educational experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office (248-7260).

This year our school theme will be “Whatever it Takes!”  Our challenge to ourselves, our students and our community will be to do whatever it takes in order to support our students in their academic and behavior success.  What this means for each stakeholder:

Our School will:

  • Provide a safe and secure learning environment for all staff and students.
  • Fully implement the Safe and Civil Schools and Character Counts philosophy in the classroom and on the campus.
  • Create an environment which provides an educational program with high expectations for all to learn the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to become career-ready graduates.

Our Students will:

  • Create a school that allows them to learn and their teachers to teach.
  • Work, think, and behave in a way that exhibits the highest academic and character proficiency.
  • Model the values of Character Counts!  Which includes caring, respect, responsibility, fairness and trustworthiness.
  • Follow the dress code every day.
  • Take ownership of their learning by setting and achieving rigorous academic achievement goals.
  • Tell the truth and accepting responsibility for my actions.

    Our Parents will:
  • Do whatever it takes to support their child’s learning.
  • Ensuring your child arrives at school on-time, every day.
  • Notifying the school if our child is going to miss school and will make sure that any missed work is made up.
  • Check your child’s homework to make sure it is complete, and ensuring that our child is reading nightly.
  • Attending parent conferences.
  • Ensure your child follows the dress code expectations.
  • Understand and support the district and school policies, rules, expectations.

With these commitments, and our Whatever it Takes philosophy WE will create a school culture that allows us to excel in everything we do.

Please take time to review this handbook, then sign and return the signature page acknowledging that you have done so.  It contains important information that can be helpful to your whole family.  Additionally, the Fresno Unified Parent Handbook will provide information regarding district policies and procedures.


Kelli Wilkins

Principal, Slater Elementary

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